Making the shift to usage-based pricing

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Octane is bringing together leaders from product, finance and pricing strategy to give you all the cheat codes as you think about usage based pricing in 2023.

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Why are we hosting this special event on usage based pricing?

In the last few months, usage based billing went from an eventual business optimization to an overnight requirement. Companies are no longer being rewarded for touting user growth. They need to generate revenue. At the same time, software budgets have become even more constrained, so buyers are unwilling to sign contracts for unproven solutions and will only pay for value.

We’re about to see a massive wave of companies making the shift to usage based pricing for the first time. Next year, 23% of companies plan to deploy usage based pricing, and this will only rise as companies see inactive accounts churn at higher rates while failing to monetize accounts that are realizing outsized value. As they make this necessary shift, finance, sales, and product teams will need to come together and iterate on pricing until a state of equilibrium is reached. 

Meet the panelists

Madeline Stein

Madeline Stein

Madeline leads the pricing, monetization, and product strategy at Algolia, the billion-dollar search-as-a-service company that powers search functionality for companies including Atlassian, Slack, Staples, and Under Armour.

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Doug Cunningham

Doug leads the digital team at and helped with the implantation of usage-based-pricing. He has a great knowledge of the growing pains of setting up this model and the success that comes with it. 


Alex David

Alex is obsessed with finding new and creative GTM strategies. With a deep background in pricing strategy, he understands who and when usage-based-pricing is the right play, and how to optimize profits.


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Jessica Lin

Co-Founder and General Partner at Work-Bench


Jessica is a Co-Founder and General Partner at Work-Bench, where she focuses on investments in future of work and teams. Jessica is passionate about growing and supporting women in enterprise tech, launching our Navigate Women in Enterprise Tech Summit and our Founders of Enterprise Startups (Who Are Women) Database.

She is also a Forbes contributor, writing about emerging tech companies that are creating and enabling jobs for Americans.